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Earth is culture.

Earth is worth:

plant the earth, provides us with food;

construct on earth,provides us with shelter;

process and shape earth provides us with pots and pans.

Ceramics and pottery are the oldest crafts in human history. If you want to get information on any ancient culture, one of the first places you will look will be their earthenware.  

In an era, when important elements unique to our land are on the verge of disappearing, we started a  journey to remember and bring to light the values that belong to us. This journey we started with pottery, took us to a different world, where we met the elements of our culture from the most essential words of our language to unique tastes. Making pottery was a part of life, and we entered the centuries-old life of the region through earth.  

The region we reside has hosted many great civilizations from Lukka to Lycia and has a culture that has managed to preserve its ancestral knowledge. It is still the cradle of many crafts, from pottery to iron, from wood to rugs. As a result of this journey we started, we vowed to bring all these teachings back to life again in order to keep this culture and its elements alive. We promised to create the value that this land, which nourishes and embraces us, deserves today.

Earth Research

Earth Research is the study of clay and minerals used in pottery/ceramic production, especially in areas where pottery was once found. It takes place within the framework of local ceramics and within its own process. It specifically  proceeds in the light of the archaeological, historical, scientific and local information we have about this region. As the studio, our main goal is to bring history back to the present and add a different value to the land we currently have.

The clays and minerals found at the end of the researches are also used in the production of the workshop.

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