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We are a ceramics workshop working on local and original productions. Located in Yeşilüzümlü (a village 20 km from Fethiye), Qi Seramik works on alternative firings, local clay research and traditional pottery in addition to ceramic productions. The adaptation of regional traditional and Lycian period ceramic works to our daily life forms the basis of our production.

Our name, "Qi" means 'the energy of life found in all living things'. Since we take our passion, energy and inspiration for production from these lands, we have chosen this name for ourselves.

Our ceramic and earthenware adventure started 12 years ago at Miskin Atölye in Bozcaada and moved to Kayaköy, Fethiye 9 years ago. Kayaköy inspired our name and our path. Yeşilüzümlü village joined our work on production, clay research and historical pottery 5 years ago. In June 2021, our studio, where we will carry out all production and activities, has been moved to Yeşilüzümlü.

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