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Those who have the spirit of the brightest stars in the sky are those who enjoy coffee alone.

ORION cups are the choice of such bright people. That's why they were produced as a limited edition mini-collection: each of the eight #cups represents the brightest of the #orion constellation.

You can be one of these twinkling stars!

It can go into the dishwasher.

H: 5 cm-diameter: 4.5 cm


Only the ones, who shares the souls of brightest stars in the heavens, are the ones, who loves to sip their coffee by themselves.

ORION coffee cups are the choice of these kind of shiny people. Therefore, they were made as a mini collection : each of these eight cups represents the brightest stars of the #constellation

You can be one those, sharing the brightness of the stars!

(Approximate dimensions)

H:5cm - ball diameter: 4.5cm -bottom diameter 5cm

Dishwasher safe!

Orion cup/Orion coffee cup

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