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FARALIA Collection

A cup collection that serves the pleasure of those who love elegance, ease and the blue of the sea…

* With its small base design, it provides convenience and space saving during transportation and storage.

*Produced from Menemen clay on a potter's lathe.

*Can go into the dishwasher.

*H: 5 cm-diameter: 4.5 cm


FARALIA Collection

This collection is made the serve for the pleasure of those who love grace, convenience and the blue of sea.

*It's unique base design provides easy serving and saves space in your kitchen cabinet.

*Made with local Menemen clay on traditional potters wheel.

*Dishwasher safe

*Dimentions (Approximate dimensions with the base) H:9cm / Top diameter:6.5cm / Base: 5.5 cm width 2.5 hight

Faralia Collection / Faralia Collection

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