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We wanted to be an intermediary for you to approach life and yourself with the softness of love, and we added another mini series next to the Damien collection.

We can also combine these products with original handmade trays. Contact us for more information.

*Can go into the dishwasher.

*Dimensions (average with base):

H-9cm / Mouth diameter- 6.5 cm


We wished to be a mediator for you to approach yourselves with the softness of love. Hence we added a mini collection to the Damien series.

You can also make a combo of these cups with the unique handmade trays. Message us from for more information

*It's unique base design provides easy serving and saves space in your kitchen cabinet.

*Made with local Menemen clay on traditional potters wheel.

*Dishwasher safe

*Dimensions (Approximate dimensions with the base) H:9cm / Top diameter:6.5cm / Base: 5.5 cm width 2.5 hight

Damien Soft

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