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Lemur Sauce Bowl/Milk Bowl

This product, which is adorned with ancient symbols of the Lycian Civilization, the greatest past culture of the Eastern Mediterranean, is made of the local clay of Kayaköy (Fethiye); It was made with only handmade techniques and cooked in wood fire with ancient firing techniques.

The textures on it are the traces left on the soil by the essences of local plants.

Lemur, one of the works of a three-year research, is unique due to both its form and the material used, and it is not possible to reproduce the same textures due to its firing technique.

It is suitable for table use as it is coated with Liquid Quartz Sealer (Liquid Quartz), a material that is rarely used in our country. Liquid Quartz Sealer  (Liquid Quartz) is a 100% organic material and has a certificate of conformity to human health.

Liquid Quartz Sealer  Thanks to (Liquid Quartz), our product can also enter the dishwasher.

The height of our product with its cover is 15 cm; with handle 10 cm deep; its width (the middle with the widest part) is 8cm



Lemur Sauce Bowl/Milk Bowl

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