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New members of the Likya Collection this season!

Moon Glasses, each in different colors and textures, are perfect for attracting simplicity and originality to your life.

Their textures and colors are given with a special firing. It is covered with liquid quartz (Liquid Quartz Sealer), an organic material, to make it suitable for table use.

*Can go into the dishwasher.

* It is resistant to 350 degrees heat.


The new members of this season's Lycian Collection!

Each of the Moon Cups have their own unique color and pattern and they are all made for you to attract simplicity and uniqueness to your lives!

They were kilned in a special way to have their patterns and colors and sealed with the organic product called Liquid Quartz Sealer to be safe to use as tableware.

*Dishwasher safe

*Can be heated up to 350 degrees Celsius

Moon Cups/Moon Cups

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